Homage to Christmas Lights of Brera

I'm sure you've encountered them as well. You know, people who are compelled to always turn positive things into negative. Take for example the decision by Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan to donate 99% of their shares in Facebook to the cause of human advancement. It didn't take many hours before the first negative editorials and blog posts emerged. I don't know what has to happen in order for these pessimists to be happy!? 

Then take a simple thing like Christmas lights. No, of course you can't just inhale the joy and beauty they bring. No, they're stupid – money spent on that could be used better! They're nothing but despicable symbols of vanity. Yes, these are actual arguments I've heard. Can you be so completely lost in negativism that you even hate Christmas lights? Please, let me never become that person.

Instead, let me publicly praise Christmas lights because they're great and I love them. In dark times you can't find a better antidepressant. Apparently the Italians feel the same, because they too light up everything in December, and I mean everything. Now, if you know anything about the Finnish winter and the long horrible darkness that comes along with it, you'll understand me. Why the Italians are crazy about Christmas lights is yet to be fully explained, but my superficial guess is that it goes in the La Dolce Vita category of things.

Finally, without further ado, let me present you my latest photo album "Homage to Christmas Lights of Brera".