Photography is a dear hobby of mine. I love to take photos and develop them with retouching software like Photoshop and Lightroom. I always carry at least one camera with me (the one in my smart phone) but always when possible I also take my DSLR with me. 

I'm not a huge camera gear freak and in fact I still shoot with an old and affordable crop sensor camera. The most expensive lens I've bought cost only 300 euros. That's nothing compared to the pro lenses out there.

I also enjoy visiting photography exhibitions and I find a lot of inspiration by looking at other photographers' work and videos online. There's still so much left to learn when it comes to composition, different techniques, and photo development. And most importantly, you've got to have the time and nerve to find those "decisive moments".

My photography philosophy is easy and straightforward. Always carry a camera with you, because you never know when those good photo moments arise. Use prime lenses, because they are often affordable but of high quality (and then zoom with your feet). Photography is 40% shooting and 60% development in Lightroom/Photoshop. All photos (and I really mean all) require development and retouching after they're downloaded from the camera. Finally, don't be shy using contrast and vibrance. My saturation slider goes to eleven.

Please visit my online portfolio at for more on this topic. You can also connect with me on Flickr.