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I suppose everybody loves to travel, but the reasons for travelling can differ a lot from person to person. For some it's the excitement of discovering and exploring new places, for some it's the pleasure of lying on a sunny beach under palm trees.

I love travelling for a multitude of reasons, but perhaps the most important reason is to get acquainted with different cultures and experience new ways of living. That's why I've chosen long-term travelling as a lifestyle and my ambition is to live in a new country each year.

So far I've only lived abroad in Italy (for two years in Milan) and currently I'm living in Thailand on Koh Phangan. For me, three months abroad every year seems like a reasonable minimum, but preferably I'd like to stay half of the year abroad and half of the year back home in Finland.  


If you have any idea how the Finnish year looks like in terms of seasons, you can easily guess when I prefer to stay abroad. Despite all the great things we have in Finland, the sad truth is that from November to April the weather is cold and slushy (especially along the coastlines, where I live) and worst of all, it's dark as hell. 

Being abroad during the winter time is also perfect from our family-owned hotel's perspective (Hotel Villa Maija), which operates during the nice months of Finland. Otherwise all the work and projects I do are location independent. Only a decent Internet connection is required.

In my travel blog I try to post stories about things I've experienced that are in stark contrast to the way we Finns would consider normal or preferable. I'm also an enthusiastic photographer, which means that all my blog posts will be peppered with travel photos. 

Summary of Travel Blog Posts 


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